Pasted Graphic 1
-- -----------strategic planning
------------writing & thought-leadership
----------------- sales -------
------- ------sales management-----
--------------- -speaking gigs
---business planning services
----business development--
---web dev-
-----------one-on-one coaching
--------------- social commerce strategies
social monitoring, analysis & response services
- -
social web B2B strategy
retreat facilitation
leadership development --
--- social media for business
-----------------------team building---------

The founders of Cat-Strat are business, sales, marketing, management & information technology veterans. They’re also writers, creatives and big-idea people. They help organizations un-stick their thinking at both the big picture and detailed levels. Social media usage & social monitoring assistance are part of their suite of offerings as are sales and sales-process strategy services.

Bottom line: CatStrat and its other companion efforts help individuals and organizations build the consciousness, clarity and competencies required to thrive in the 21st century.